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Children walkie talkie

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1. There is a battery cover on the back of the intercom. You can install the battery when you open it.
2. You need to install four AAA alkaline batteries in the battery box.
3. Close the battery cover and press down, then push up to ensure correct installation.
4. Press and hold the power / menu key for 3 ~ 4 seconds to start the intercom.
5. In the standby state, press the MENU button to enter the channel setting, at this time the channel number on the screen starts to flash
Blinking, use the ▲ / ▼ keys to select the channel, press PTT to save the settings after setting.
6. Press the MENU key twice to enter the group code mode (CTCSS), at this time the LCD panel
The code icon flashes, use ▲ / to select the group code (CTCSS).
7. In standby mode, press the MENU key three times to enter the voice control function (VOX) settings, enter the settings page
There will be OF, 1,2, and 3 levels of sensitivity to choose from. Use ▲ / v to select.
8. Press the MENU button four times to enter the Call tone selection setting. There are 1 to 10 Call tones to choose from.
9. Press the MENU button five times to enter the key tone setting, use ▲ / ▼ to set, when the selection is
When ON, the button sound is turned on, and when OF is selected, the button sound is turned off.
10. In standby mode, press the MENU button six times to enter the transmission end tone selection mode, use ▲ / ▼
To make a selection, press the ▲ or ▼ key to select ON to open, select OF to close, press the PTT key to save.
11. In the standby state, press the MENU button seven times to exit the setting page, or press the PTT button to exit the setting


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