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Creative Kid Hammock Garden Furniture Pod Swings Chair Indoor Outdoor Hanging Seat Child Cocoon Swing Seat Patio Portable

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- In the case of a living tree fix the rope to a strong tree branch. Make sure you opt for a branch that bears the maximum weight capacity of the chair and the weight of the chair itself. The thin tree branch may lead to injuries.
- The chair can be fixed to timber by an Extention rope or by an eye lag folded into the timber.
- If you prefer to use the chair interior (at a concrete ceiling), the right solution is using an eye lag drilled into the ceiling and glued into a wall plug.
Swinging develops the sense of balance and body perception. It also brings a feeling of well-being and relaxation.
For ages, 3+ to adult, HOLDS UP TO 220 lbs. (100kg)
Can be used indoor or outdoor, A sheltered spot e.g. to read, listen to music, or just exist.
To use in the wall/ceiling to which the curtain rod is to be mounted

Material: Cotton
Function: Swing
Color: green rose red

Package Content:
Bag swing. Inflatable cushion, inflatable pump, strap, gourd buckle, 4* expansion screws, fixed hanging plate.*1


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