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Electric negative pressure suction massage device

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Power supply method: AC

Function: timing, infrared physiotherapy
Control method: computer type
Input voltage: 100V-240V
Power: 20W
Working voltage: 12V/1A

Power supply: USB

1. The body has varicose veins, so it is not suitable for use.
2. It should be suspended during pregnancy or menstruation.
3. After the meal, the blood is concentrated in the digestive system, so it is not suitable for use.
4. After use, the blood vessels on the skin surface dilate and you should rest for 30-40 minutes before bathing.
5. When using, you should brush in the same direction, not one-on-one, one left and one right.

6. Due to the phenomenon of negative pressure gravitation, it should be delayed for a few days before using the instrument, the effect is better.


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