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Facial cleaning brush, electric skin waterproof brush

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 body rotating cleaning brush, portable travel box, deep cleaning tools  

The full cleaning system 4 includes an exfoliating brush, a soft brush, a soft sponge and a silicon brush in the 1-4 brush head.Suitable for all types of skin and all your facial cleansing needs

2 speeds with powerful free rotation options between deep exfoliating and smooth exfoliating

Easy to carry in a compact storage box that you can carry around or use at home

ipx6 waterproof shower design.Don't completely immerse yourself in the water

4 in 1 Set Facial Cleansing Brush, Electric Waterproof Skin Face Body Rotating Cleanser Brush Portable Travel Case Deep Pore Cleansing Gentle Exfoliating&Remove Blackhead Acne Facial Scrubber Washable

● Complete 4-in-1 cleaning system-4 brush heads include exfoliating brush, soft cleaning brush, soft sponge and silicone brush. Suitable for all skin types and all your facial cleansing needs ● 2 SPEEDS with powerful spin rotation-free choice between daily deep scrub and gentle exfoliation ● Easy to carry-Comes in a compact storage box that you can take with you or use it at home ● Waterproof design-Waterproof shower IPX6 waterproof. Do not completely soak in water


★ Effectively eliminate bleach, acne, blackheads, and make skin smooth and delicate ★ Effectively remove aging incisions, leaving skin smooth and delicate ★ Remove skin dirt and effectively absorb dirt in skin oil ★ Effectively shrinks pores, tightens skin, and fights aging

Function of brush head

♥ Exfoliating Brush: For deep cleansing-deep cleansing dirt, removing dead skin cells, promoting natural cleansing of pores ♥ Soft Cleansing Brush: Gentle Cleansing-Deep cleansing oil and residual makeup, showing a naturally bright complexion to keep you radiant ♥ Silicone Brush: For dry and sensitive skin cleansing-Gently clean and maintain your skin ♥ Soft sponge: suitable for powder, cream or liquid foundation-suitable for all skin types

How to use

STEP 1: Wash your face with plenty of water and leave the skin wet STEP 2: Apply a little of your usual facial cleanser or gel, turn on the machine, and start to gently move the entire face in a circular motion STEP 3: Move the light pressure brush in a small circle, starting from the cheek, then to the nose, chin and, finally, the forehead STEP 4: Hold the brush on each area of the face for a few seconds to ensure that the accumulated oil and dirt are cleaned up STEP 5: Rinse the face with plenty of water again, then pat dry with a soft clean towel Note: It is best to change the head every 3 months

What you get?

1 * Face brush device 1 * Peeling Brush 1 * Soft cleaning brush 1 * Silicone brush 1 * Soft sponge 1 * Travel protector


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