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Fitness Multifunctional Microfiber Towel

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LARGE SCOPE OF DELIVERY - 125 x 45 cm Microfiber Fitness Towel with double zip pocket and 5-fold length adjustment (with hood function!) + Detachable, strong magnetic clip + 30 x 50 cm welding towel. Our used microfiber fabric is very thin and light. Compared to traditional terry towels, our towel takes up little space in your sports bag and is the ideal equipment underlay with a multitude of additional functions. THE WORLD'S MOST FUNCTIONAL TOWEL! In the training towel some push buttons are incorporated. By fixing the push buttons, a hood can be formed, it can thus be hung on any exercise equipment backrest without sliding down. The sports towel is 6-times adjustable in length and can also be extended to its entire total length of 125cm and additionally be extended by about 30cm (small towel). INTEGRATED ZIPPER BAG. The zipped pocket is divided into two compartments. You can store your valuables and have them always at hand. We use a special zipper in which the pins are hidden and thus do not disturb (no scratching or rubbing!). REMOVABLE MAGNETIC CLIP - The magnetic clip incorporates two strong neodymium magnets that allow the towel to be easily fixed to metal devices even with extra weight (e.g., cell phone) in the zipper pocket. The clip is removable and can be flexibly attached to the towel. For washing this must be removed! 100 DAYS - 100% STRESS-FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, we and our customers are convinced of this multifunctional talent, see for yourself. Order your microfiber towels now without risk and enjoy our Fit-Flip quality seal.

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