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Japanese ceramic triangle plate bowl

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Material: porcelain
Style: Nordic style
Shape: irregular
Size: 3.5 inches or less
Popular elements: retro style
Color classification: triangle dish, triangle bowl
Number: 1 tea
Tableware craft: color glaze
Do not heat this product directly, or use it in the oven, and it is not recommended to cool and heat rapidly. This product is fragile. If used by infants and children, please pay attention to safety. Broken tiles can easily cause cuts. Please clean it in time after use to prevent the food residue from being difficult to clean due to too long time and causing bacteria.

Do not use metal steel wire to clean. If you encounter stubborn stains, please use baking soda or vinegar to add warm water to soak for cleaning. If you accidentally scratch it, you can use toothpaste to polish it, and it will look completely new.


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